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Projector Movie Mate



 Get larger-than-life entertainment — anytime, day or night — with 2500 lumens color/white light output1 and 720p widescreen performance. A sleek, portable performer, Epson MovieMate 85HD includes a built-in, progressive scan DVD/CD player and dual Dolby® 5.1 Digital DTS® 10 W stereo speakers. Add to that its convenient HDMI connectivity and you’ve got everything you need for amazing HD adventures. Epson MovieMate 85HD works with any blank wall or screen and projects DVD movies up to 12 times larger than they would appear on a 40", widescreen TV. Setup is easy — all you need is an electrical outlet. And, it features a convenient handle and soft, cushioned carrying case so you can take the show on the road. Enjoy videogames, sports, and more. Plug in your PC, camcorder or digital camera. Use it with your Apple® iPod®. Or, use the built-in microphone input for a night of karaoke. With so many options and an affordable price tag, Epson MovieMate 85HD is truly home entertainment at its best

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