Tamper 4-Cycle 6 Inch Shoe

This unique rammer that is preferred by utility contractors and landscaper due to its ability to work in confined spaces.

Lightweight and portable - only 101 pounds.

Ideal for landscapers, electrical contractors and plumbing contractors.

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Fresno / Clovis
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Tamper 4-Cycle

Dry Weight 1.019 kg 2,246 lb
Operating weight (includes 175 lb. operator, half-full water tank and half-full fuel tank) 1.173 kg 2,586 lb
Weight w/ballast in rear drum 1.263 kg 2,784 lb
Drum diameter 560 mm 22 in
Drum width 900 mm 35.4 in
Overall size l x w x h 2.105 x 1.035 x 2.210 mm 82.8 x 40.8 x 87 in