• Clearing brush
  • Clearing vegetation
  • Maintaining trails
  • Maintaining rights-of-way

Cut Width24”

Deck Width27.5”

Cut HeightSaplings up to 2" in diameter

Propane Weed Burner

Tilling Depth: 10"

Tilling Width: 21"

The tiller is self-propelled with three forward gears (two for tilling) and a reverse. The tines and the wheels are driven by separate drives, the wheel drive being engaged with a hand clutch and an engaging lever for the tines. This is great for transport and allows for better tilling.

Whether you are preparing for a new landscape bed, clearing for a new sidewalk or driveway, or tackling home improvement projects that require temporarily removing sod, BlueBird's 18" Sod Cutter is designed to make even the toughest job quick and easy.

The Minnie is perfect for a small vegetable garden with a tilling width of 12 inches or 18 inches, the Minnie can easily fit through tight rows. It will till the material right back into the soil providing rich nutrients for your next garden. The Minnie Tiller is a powerful and versatile tiller that is great for a small garden.

Mower attachement for smaller utility tractors. Rotary mower to keep weeds from taking over your property.

The fastest, easiest-to-use, portable, one-man stump grinders on the market today! All Dosko stump grinders are designed with safety in mind.

Lawn Roller

Also known as a dethatcher the compact size makes this unit perfect for smaller jobs and a breeze to transport.

Working width45.72 cm / 18 inch

Cutting equipment list  Flail blade reel

Equipped with exclusive features, the SC252 provides full-sized stump-cutting power in a compact unit. Safety features include a patented cutter wheel guard and an operator presence system that disengages the cutter wheel if the operator lets go of the controls.

Humus Spreader

Fingertip controls are simple to understand and easy to operate for the inexperienced or professional user.

Wheels and tines work independently of each other, allowing the wheels to travel at variable speed while the engine and tines remain at full speed.

Tines automatically stop when wheels are in reverse. A safety clutch on the handlebar prevents accidental injury.

A heavy duty dirt shield prevents wire, string, and dirt from damaging the hydraulic tine motor seal. Inboard double tapered roller bearings and greaseable outboard double ball bearings support the shaft.

Tines are hard-faced to give maximum service life. Simple, rugged construction is your guarantee of dependability.

Aerating pattern: 96.52x106.68mm / 3.8x4.2inch

Aerating depth: 0-76.2mm / 0-3inch

Aerating width: 48.26 cm / 19 inch

Number of tines: 30

Width: 53.5" 135.89 cm

Height: 94" 238.76 cm

Weight - Engine: 1900 lbs 861.83 kg

Feed Roller Orientation: Single horizontal roller

Number of Feed Rollers: 1

•  Well Balanced
•  Heavy Wall Handlebars
•  Easily Transported
•  7/8" Square Auger Drive
•  Heavy Duty Aluminum Castings
•  Ground Hog's Time Tested Transmission
•  Heavy Duty Industrial Cog-Type Drive Belt
•  Trigger-Type Return-Style Throttle
•  Centrifugal Clutch With All Metal Shoes and Drum, With Needle Bearings
•  Auger Speed 180 RPM @ 3600 Engine RPM (no load)
•  150 ft. lbs. torque (approx.)