For confined spaces that require a powerhouse air ventilator, the VAF-3000 can handle your most demanding industrial needs.

With a forceful 1 H.P. motor, the VAF-3000 can deliver both positive and negative airflow at an incredible maximum capacity of 2,091 CFM in the most difficult work environments. No matter what your industry or application-construction, demolition, utility, paper mill, shipyard, power station, tank purging, or manufacturing-VAF-3000 is designed to take on the toughest of jobs.

  • X2 low-maintenance air filtration system
  • Anti-vibration system reduces vibration up to 43% over previous models
  • Powerful and fuel-efficient, low-emission engine
  • Emissions reduced up to 44% compared to previous models
  • Lightweight and well balanced compact top-handle design
  • Decompression valve for easy starting
  • Semi-automatic belt tensioner
  • Reversible cutting arm for inboard or outboard cutting

Core drill rigs are designed to work with heavy-duty core drills. These column and base assemblies feature wheels for easy movement. They can be bolted to a wall or floor or used with optional vacuum system for added versatility. Smaller bases excel in confined drilling areas while angled bases are used wherever angled drilling is required.

The CDM1H serves as a multiple application diamond core drill. Use it for WET drilling jobs up to 3 inches in diameter, or with MQ COBRA Bits - DRY drilling up to 5 inches in diameter.

Power Source11.7 HP Honda GX-390 Cyclone

Blade Capacity18 in457 mm

Cutting Depth6.5 in165 mm